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Reach out to us with your requirements, and we at JamICan will ensure that they are met beyond your ask.


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Our story

JamICan Inc. is a full service catering company founded in 2013 by Khimar Morgan, with a strong desire to serve the community with a 100% authentic and traditional food from Jamaica - right in the heart Canada. 

JamICan offers personalised and interactive culinary experiences. From intimate private gatherings to large scale corporate events, JamICan excels in designing and delivering flawless services crafted with love and warmth.

With a robust team of professional planners, chefs and service staff, JamICan’s team works collaboratively to ensure that every unique requirements of the customers are met. This aligns with JamICan’s vision of serving finest food and creating an environment where moments are shared, and relationships are flourished.

JamIcan specializes in Corporate Events, Private Gatherings, Private Parties, Summer BBQs, Family Celebrations, Gala Nights, Charity Events, Fundraising Events, Networking events, Weddings, Receptions and every other event that you can think of!

Featured meals

In partnership with industry professionals, JamICan's team works collaboratively to ensure the unique requirements of every event are executed with attention, care and love.


Ackee and Salt Fish

Chicken wings

Steamed snapper

BBQ Chicken


What They’re Saying


"Many of the young people living at Sprott House are youth of colour. During COVID and the horrific incidents of Anti-Black racism that played out over recent months, they experienced profound stress, sorrow and anger that was so hard to find an outlet for. Your intentionally prepared, wholesome and delicious Jamaican food provided a connection to a deeper place of self-love, appreciation and physical and spiritual nourishment that soothed and ultimately delighted. I wish you and your colleagues all the very best of success".

Clare Nobbs, MSW, RSW, Director - Sprott House, YMCA of Greater Toronto.

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