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Support JamICan Inc.

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As Corona-Virus and racial justice crises sweep the nation, come support our Black-owned Business and make an impact.


JamICan Inc. has been at the forefront of standing by its community and is proud of how much love it has received in return. To continue to stand tall in these crucial times and serve the people with our Authentic & Traditional Jamaican cuisine, we encourage you to step forward and make a huge difference, by contributing bare minimum. Your help will allow us to move forward with force and survive the pandemic.


Khimar Morgan, CEO & Founder

How It All Began

As Khimar curiously watched his grandmother and mother cook in the kitchen and craft flavorsome Jamaican dishes that won everyone's heart over, he knew he was drawn towards the world of Culinary Arts almost instantly. 'Pot Roast Beef' was his favourite amongst all, a Jamaican Christmas delicacy that his mother prepared every year!

He patiently learnt and adopted the traditional and authentic home-style cooking skills and stared wooing everyone who would come over for a feast. Years later, as Khimar graduated from Gorge Brown & York University, he realized how much hosting parties and dinners was something he enjoyed the most.

Being a huge supporter of visible minorities who struggle to find their identity initially in Canada, he started organizing Community Meals as his way of giving back to society and providing comfort and hope.

Today, Khimar is the proud owner of JamICan Inc. that he established in 2013 and still continues to overlook the cooking operations alongside his team of chefs. ​As a Proud Young Black Jewish Man, Khimar loves to please people with his food, flavorserosity, kindness and warmth.

Thank you for your love & Support

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